Steps, processes & procedures for diaspora investment in the region

Key steps: Getting started

Step 1: Check Ethiopian embassy: To get information, a visit to an Ethiopian embassies or consular office will help. There are more than 40 embassies across the world. Check this link for more details

Step 2: Visit the Somali Region: Once you have decided to invest in the Somali region, the next step is to visit the region, establish contacts and understand the investment opportunities and suitable areas for investment. For informantion related to visa requirement, visit the website of the ministry of foreign affairs here

Step 3: Visit the Somali Region Investment and Industry Bureau: Once you have arrived in the Somali region, a visit the Somali Region Investment and Industry Bureau will help sharpen your vision and shape your plan by providing the first hand information on procedures and requirements. Other potential offices to visit for information include:

  • Trade and Transport Bureau
  • SR Revenue enterprise
  • Customs Authorities branch in the SR
  • Bureau of Agriculture
  • Bureau of Livestock and Pastoralist Development
  • Jigjiga City Administration
  • Jigjiga University
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Banks

Step 4: Investment decision: The outcome of these steps will help you decide what, where and when to invest in the Somali region

  • services online through its digital platform accessible at in North/South America, Europe, Asia, Australia.
  • Yellow card holders are considered as domestic investors and can invest in every sector, including joint investment with the government.
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