Why invest in the Somali region?

Economic prospects

  • Vast land sharing borders with Kenya, Somalia, Somaliland and Djibouti
  • Proximity to Berbera corridor, a major logistic and trade corroder that connects Berbera port of Somaliland and Ethiopia through Wajaale town of the Somali region
  • Fast economic growth with agriculture, industry and service sector as the major sectors
  • Huge potentials for investments in agricultural sector
  • Natural resource potentials (gas and oil)
  • Labor force: there is abundant and trainable cheap labor in the Somali region


  • Despite its long history of conflict and insurgency, the Somali region has been consistently the most stable and peaceful region in Ethiopia since the change in government has taken place in 2018
  • There is a high-level commitment for investment promotion and protection as reflected in the investment policy of the government
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